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Live Your Dream, Not Quit Your Dream

At 21, the mountains have changed the fate of a young traveler and adventurer. Hailing from one of the states of the seven sisters of North East – Guwahati, Assam Anangsha Alomyan never knew what she wanted to do in life, until one phone call to her family changed everything in May 2016 that is: granting permission to go trekking in the Himalayas for the first time in Uttarakhand. 

“That trip changed everything where I became unstoppable and went on to numerous treks and uncharted routes across the Himalayas”

Hello My name is Anangsha. I am currently working as a Social Media Marketer in Vantage Circle. My area of expertise lies in Content Creation/ Marketing, Marketing & Branding, Photography , Blogging, Writing, Social Media Marketing, Copywriting and On Page Seo. I have taken up several freelance writing/content creation/social media marketing projects in different domain.

Apart from this, I am an avid traveler and explored many hidden routes across the Himalayas. I have also brought many accolades in Lawn Tennis and various sports at National and State Level. Trained in Indian Classical Music, Lawn Tennis , Swimming, Choir, Fine Arts and also have flair in playing the Piano.

My other hobbies are rapping, writing songs, reading books, making funny videos, sketching and listening to music

Hoarder of stories, I believe in endeavoring new things and challenges in life

Anangsha Alomyan

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